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DanceSport used to be referred to as competitive American and International Ballroom and Latin Dancing.

This glamorous and exciting leisure activity consists of physical strength, agility, coordination, stamina, high-level of fitness, discipline, teamwork, grace, style and musicality. DanceSport develops athletic discipline of your body and mind as well as artistic creativity through musical interpretation, costume design and choreography.

DanceSport Competition is an organized dance event that invites people of all ages and levels to participate in Ballroom and Latin Dancing. It is usually held at a large hotel or luxurious resort so that dancers from all over the country can participate and enjoy a mini-vacation at the same time. DanceSport couples are compared with other couples by qualified judges, on relative performance and execution using a defined and recognized set of standards.

Competition, shows and dancing could last from morning until midnight for two days (small events) to five days (larger events). Spectators can see live dancing from beginning through professional level, and witness some of the finest Ballroom and Latin Dancing in the world.

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Benefits of Dance

Dance is for some, a very competitive sport but for others it can be a wonderful way to participate in social dancing.

People as young as 4 years, or as mature as 90 years, can enjoy this wonderful pastime. To dance is a natural human activity, and also with it, comes many advantages, which include:

  • Thorough but gentle way to exercise your body without knowing it
  • Develop co-ordination of mind and muscle
  • Encourages good poise, irrespective of age
  • Develops good muscle tone and gives a person that "wonderful feeling of being alive" 
  • Teaches participants the social graces
  • Helps to keep you youthful with an up to date spontaneity 
  • Is one of the few hobbies that couples or friends can do together 
  • Is a great social asset in developing skills of communication 
  • Promotes confidence, self-assurance and awareness of life 
  • Develops artistic creativity and musical interpretation
  • The competitive dancer's opportunity to dress up and feel "special" 
  • Is the most rewarding way to spend your leisure time 
  • The best and easiest way to meet someone your are interested in
  • And best of all instigates great friendships that can last a lifetime
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Competition Dance

Besides fun, excitement, challenge and accelerated learning, what more? Dancesport competitions create a clear goal for you and your dancing. By having a “date” to shoot for, you will find that you get more value from your lessons and classes because of new focus.

Students who compete tend to learn faster and dance with more technique and style than those who take lessons for social dancing only. Camaraderie among competitors, receiving and giving encouragement, measuring improvement in skills from event to event, all causes most of us to feel a sense of accomplishment, and we are inspired to learn more and more.

The competitions are set up to include dancers at all levels. The “newcomer” division is designed for students who have been dancing just a few months.

If you have a partner, you may dance together. Most people however, do not have partners in the early stages of learning so they dance with their teachers. This is called Pro-Am or Student-Teacher. Competitions include Amateur – Amateur, Professional – Amateur (Pro-Am) and Professional-Professional partners and all age groups are welcome.

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