Best Activities in San Diego: 10 Reasons Why Dance is Climbing Up the List

Locals and visitors alike know that San Diego is one of the best cities in America. We have everything here — beautiful beaches, beautiful people, diverse communities, and endless attractions.

Often unnoticed amidst the excitement is that we also have some of the best dancers in the world. San Diegans are obsessed with music and movement. Maybe it’s the weather…or the culture…or just a collective love of dance. Even with so many things to do in San Diego, dancing is becoming increasingly popular. Here are 10 reasons why dance is making its way up the list of the best activities in San Diego.

1. Dancing Makes You Beach Ready

San Diego has 70 miles of coastline. When the weather is right, you want to be confident in your beach body so you can hit the waves, take a jog, or lie out and get a tan. Dancing is the full-body workout you need to be able to take advantage of all the outdoor activities San Diego has to offer.

Taking private dance classes in San Diego with our instructors on a regular basis and maintaining a reasonably healthy diet can help you lose weight, increase muscle tone, and improve balance. Safe to say you’ll be looking and feeling your best!

2. Private Dance Classes In San Diego Are Some Of The Best in the U.S.

San Diego attracts top-notch dance talent from all over the globe because of its high quality of life. In turn, the city has some of the best dance teachers offering private dance classes. Here at Dancessense, our classes are led by international dance champions, Melissa Dexter and Giacomo Steccaglia. A few of the types of dancing we teach include:

●      West Coast Swing

●      East Coast Swing

●      Hustle

●      Night Club 2-Step

●      Salsa

●      Bachata

●      Waltz

●      Tango

●      Latin

●      Ballroom

Taking private dance classes in San Diego means that you will get the star treatment and privacy to dance freely, without fear that someone is watching or judging you. It also allows your instructor to work with your individual challenges and strengths at the pace that works best for you. Once you master the steps you’re striving for, we’ll encourage you to strut your stuff in group classes, but it’s okay if you just want to dance for yourself. Expressing yourself through dance doesn’t require an audience, especially when you’re first starting out and getting into the swing of things.


3. The Best Activities In San Diego Involve Movement

Many of the best activities in San Diego – jogging on the beach, riding your bike around the city, or surfing on a Saturday afternoon with your kids, just to name a few – involve being physical. Dancing can become a cornerstone of feeling great about your range of motion, your core, and your flexibility.

We’ve seen many students start with dance classes, and then tell us they’ve taken other bold steps to try new activities. Once you have increased your range of motion, you may feel more physically capable of giving a few other things a try that you never thought you had the stamina for. Who knows what new sport you’ll explore after your body masters a few salsa steps? The sky is the limit in sunny San Diego.

4. Dancing Embodies Diversity

One of the best things San Diego has going is its diversity. You can meet so many different people from all over the world, just by walking down the street. In a melting pot like San Diego, dancing really brings people together like no other art form can. Taking a dance lesson is opening yourself up to new experiences and connecting with the world around you. Embarking on the journey of dance introduces you to many different cultures through music, history, and the movement you’re immersed in.

5. San Diego Is Great for Singles (So is Dancing)

Shape Magazine ranked San Diego as the third best city for dating, and what’s more impressive than being able to woo dates with your dancing skills? Whether you take a date with you or decide to embark on the journey solo, being able to dance will put you at a serious advantage in the singles scene. If you’re currently single, consider taking a few dance lessons to up your game.

Don’t want to go alone? Gather your single friends and take dance classes together! It’s a fun way to enjoy living the single life while looking for a long-term (dance) partner.

6. Dance is a Complement to Healthy Living

San Diego has some of the most health-conscious people in the country, making it into the top five healthiest metropolitan areas. Look around and you’ll notice that the people look great, feel great, and stay active. When you’re eating healthy and getting plenty of fresh air, you’re bound to feel like moving around. Sign up for dance lessons and put that extra energy to work in a fun and rejuvenating way!

7. Dancing Is For Everyone

Dance classes offer a variety of skill levels, and private lessons provide opportunities to have your individual needs and dance goals catered to. Many adults and children come to us with a variety of challenges, and through dance, we’ve seen so many of them overcome hurdles and gain a new sense of empowerment. Dance can unleash amazing capabilities in just about anyone. We’ve seen it happen time and time again.

8. Dancing Gives You Confidence

If you’re able to dance, you’re able to tackle more in daily life. You’ll be more likely to have confidence at work, at home, and socially. You might even feel like a whole new you.

The mental and physical benefits of dancing are diverse and plentiful. Depression, anxiety, and social challenges can be improved with dance. Even if you just feel as if you need a boost to unlock the next level of greatness within you, signing up for dance classes and attending them regularly can propel you toward your personal goals.

Unlocking the power of dance is something we love to share with our students. Many people come in feeling unsure of themselves, and leave feeling refreshed and excited for the next lesson. It’s remarkable, and it’s exactly why we do what we do.

9. Dance Is Great For Partners

Instead of just alternating between working, picking up the kids, and the occasional night out for dinner, try something different to ignite your passion as a couple. Taking regular dance lessons when you’re married or dating gives you an opportunity to truly connect on date nights. Dance lessons will be time for the two of you, with no distractions.

According to Psychology Today, couples that sweat together, stay together. And learning some dance moves together will certainly make you sweat. You can reignite sparks, get in shape together, and have some fun as a couple. Everyone in the neighborhood will be asking you about your secret to success in love.

10. Dancessence is Leading the Dance Movement in San Diego

At Dancessence, we know you have many options on your quest to find the best dance studio in San Diego. Claiming dance to be one of the best activities in San Diego comes with a commitment to make it just that. We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable and comfortable experience in our dance studio. And with each new student, we feel more a part of the beautiful city of San Diego. Contact us to get dancing and see what the buzz is about!

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