What to Look for in a San Diego Dance Studio

So, you’ve finally decided to sign up for dance classes in San Diego! First of all, we couldn’t be happier that you’ve chosen to take the first step to find your dancing side. Second, we’d like to help you find the right classes, instructors, and process so that you enjoy dancing to the fullest. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a San Diego dance studio:


Instructors With International Dance Experience

When you’re first learning how to dance, you want to learn from experienced dancers. At Dancessense, our instructors are from all over the world and have won numerous awards and championships. They are extremely diverse, and all of them possess a lifelong commitment to dancing and helping others discover the wonders of dance. Our dance studio is owned and operated by Melissa Dexter and Giacomo Steccaglia, both recognized globally for their dancing, coaching, and choreographing prowess. They have won dance competitions in Europe and in the U.S.


The rest of the staff at Dancessense shares a true love for dance. They all discovered dance in their own ways, in a variety of locations ranging from Brazil to Poland to right here in Southern California. Many continue to travel and perform internationally. Dance is a lifestyle for everyone who teaches at Dancessense, and we truly enjoy what we do for a living. The types of dances our instructors can teach you include:


●      West Coast Swing - With a strong emphasis on partner connection, this dance focuses on improvisation, making it fun for dancers of all experience levels.

●      Ballroom Dancing - We have multiple instructors who have won numerous awards in this classic partner arrangement.

●      Tango - Our Argentine tango instructor, Krista Ann, was born into a family with tremendous dancing capabilities, and has been sharing her gift for more than 12 years.

●      Nia and Pilates - These dances are very physical, and our resident instructor, Lisa Anne-French, takes a very holistic approach, keeping a strong focus on the connection of the body to the mind and spirit.

●      Afro-Brazilian Dance – Instructor, Vika Stansky-Hernandez, has studied a variety of dances over the years, but this type of dancing, along with capoeira, is her passion.


Dance Lessons That Promote Inclusivity

If you’re looking for something that people from all walks of life can enjoy and participate in together, look to dance. No matter how old you are or what kind of physical shape you’re in, we believe that if you have the desire to dance, you have the ability to dance.


At Dancessense, dancing is for anyone and everyone. We offer classes for kids and adults alike, emphasizing fun, culture, and socialization. It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 92 when you take your first dance lesson. Our goal is always the same: to get everyone moving and having a great time. Expression, enjoyment, and self-improvement are all part of the fun.


Dance Classes for Kids

Enrolling your children in kids dance classes in San Diego early on gives them a gift they’ll keep with them for the rest of their lives. We have classes for kids as young as four years old, and can also enroll older kids in classes that will help them develop physical discipline while studying the creative elements of dance.


If you’re looking for summer camp ideas for the kids, consider our dance camp. It’s a week of great fun for any kid looking to learn something new. You never know, dance could become their new passion. They will take dance classes with a variety of other kids from all over the San Diego area, so it’s a great chance for them to expand their social circle as well.


The developmental benefits that kids can obtain from taking dance lessons are plentiful. Dance lessons are especially beneficial for students who have challenges in school because of a learning disability. Even kids who may have behavioral challenges can also show improvements from dance classes.


If you have multiple kids in your family and you would like to enroll them all, you’re in luck. When you enroll siblings together, we offer a 10 percent discount. Getting as many people in the family involved in dance enriches your family heritage. The movement, the discipline, and the enjoyment all shine a bright light that will glisten for generations to come.


Private Dance Classes In San Diego

Whether you’re trying to get more serious about dancing, or you just feel more comfortable getting one-on-one instruction, private dance classes in San Diego are a great way to get into the swing of things. You can take private lessons at Dancessense Studios by yourself, or with a partner. We love teaching group classes, but we also truly enjoy working with people closely and getting to know them. Once you get comfortable, you may even want to take group classes and meet some of our other students.


If you’re looking for dance classes for you and a romantic partner, private dance lessons can give you the dream date night you’ve been trying to come up with. Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for 20 years, the couple that dances together, stays together. For couples of all ages, taking dance lessons can be an enriching experience that can spark new passion you never thought possible. Sharing the experience of learning and moving together as one can solidify the bond that the two of you share.


If you don’t have a partner already, learning how to dance under the direct guidance of our instructors will instill confidence and help you introduce a brand new you to the world. It can even improve your dating life! Dancing truly is one of the best activities in San Diego.


Availability When You Want Lessons Most

When you’re preparing for a wedding, a Quinceanera, or any other event that involves dancing, taking lessons to wow and impress everyone is a fantastic idea. We can help you choose the right song and the right moves so that you are confident in nailing your routine on the big day. Having a professionally choreographed routine truly makes any event one to remember. Bring us any group and we’ll work with them to bring out their dancing skills. You’ll have fun in the process, and you’ll have stories to tell at future family gatherings for years.


Dancessense Studios can work with individuals, couples, and groups to prepare them to dance like they’ve never danced before. It’s a fun experience for people of all skill levels, and we’re able to work with everyone, no matter where their comfort zone may be. Dancing for your big event is a process that we truly embrace; we love knowing that we are a part of your celebration in a special way.


Reasonable Pricing

When you begin your search to find the best dance studio in San Diego, you may think that going by price means finding the best experience. Here at Dancessense Studios, we can tell you firsthand that you will find reasonably priced, affordable dance classes in San Diego.


We offer a variety of dance lessons and memberships at varying rates, including:


●      Unlimited Dance Class Membership – For $130, you can take as many or as few dance lessons as you’d like for an entire month! For the same rate, you can also purchase a 10-class pass if you don’t think you will attend more than a couple times a week.

●      10 & 20 Class Passes – Some of our dancers need flexible scheduling when purchasing dance lessons. That's why we've created the 10 and 20 Class Pass option that acts like a digital "punch card" and last from 3-6 months. Attend 10 classes for $130 or 20 classes for $240.

●      Drop In Classes – For only $20, you can drop into any class you’d like on a whim. That’s generally less than what you would pay to go to a restaurant in the area – definitely worth the money!

●      Friday Dance Party – For only $10, you can join our monthly dance party with our owner, Melissa Dexter. It’s three hours of fun, open to anyone and includes a lesson.

●      Group Lessons – If aren’t sure where to start your dance journey and want to try multiple classes to discover what you like best, you can try any of our classes for 10 days for only $25.


Once you start taking quality dance lessons, the chances are you’ll want to keep going. We are very fortunate to have so many students whom we see time and time again as they blossom into amazing dancers right before our eyes.


What really makes Dancessense Studios the best dance studio in San Diego? Our students, of course! We can’t wait to meet and inspire the dancer within you. Try dance lessons today and become a part of the Dancessense family.