Dance for Yourself

All forms of art - whether theatre, poetry, painting sculpture, or dance — are creative outlets that are a personal journey of self-expression. As The Eagles tell us in their song Hotel California, “...some dance to remember, some dance to forget.” Art, at its fundamental level, is storytelling, and the best art is created when it comes from a deeply personal place. We all have different stories to tell. Witnessing another human’s story being told creatively — awakens a world of positive emotions within us, from inspiration and exhilaration to empathy and understanding. Its impact makes us aware that although every person’s walk of life is unique to them, we all share an unbreakable human bond. Simply put, art unites us.


Find The Courage to Tell Your Story

For many people, the biggest barrier to creative expression is the fear of embarrassment or failure. Sure, the first steps may be challenging, but you never know where they may lead. Overcoming the fear is the toughest step of all and we’re here to help you dance your way to feeling great about moving forward with your dreams of dancing.


It is common in many cultures outside of the U.S. to celebrate dance as a tradition as well as an art. If you take those first steps, you may discover moves you never knew you had and inspire your friends and family to do the same. You can be the person who unlocks the power of dance in your circle.


Here at Dancessense, our goal is to help people overcome the fear and immerse themselves in motion. We understand that not everyone learns the same way and not everyone’s comfort zone is the same, so making sure our students are comfortable is our number-one priority. There is nothing we love more than seeing our students having fun and enjoying the art of dance in our social dance studio.


Our instructors are experienced and accomplished dancers, but they all started somewhere, too, and are passionate about sharing their gift with others. You can share your fears with us and we’ll listen and help you overcome them. You can trust us! We want students to experience just how fun dancing can be, and make a point to provide the individual attention needed in order to settle in and shed all worries. If a student is shy and wishes to take private dance lessons instead of group classes, this is always an option. Learning one-on-one from an accomplished dancer is a great way to explore the art of dance at your pace.


A Safe Place to Dance

Another important cornerstone of our philosophy at Dancessense is our strict rule that none of our classes can be observed by non-students. We understand that many people do not want to be watched as they take a dance class, so anyone who isn’t participating in the class isn’t allowed to be there.


We also realize the social value of attending a dance class and pride ourselves on being a top social dance studio in San Diego. Dancing is a great way to truly connect with other people, because it combines cooperation, attention, trust and respect. Companies often bring their staff to our studio as a team-building exercise.


Whether you come in solo or with a group, our instructors understand that each person learns differently. Some learn visually or audibly, while others learn by doing and experiencing the movement for themselves. We know how to cater to every learning style and ensure an enjoyable experience for all.


A World of Possibilities

What would you do if you no longer feared embarrassment? What if you could dance and commit yourself to creative physical expression, without worrying about the outside world? When you overcome the initial fear of dancing, you’ll discover that dancing is a gift to yourself. Learning to dance is a personal journey that you are doing for you, not your teacher, your friends, or your boss. The experience from not knowing how to dance a single step to being able to dance in whatever style you like best is enormously gratifying. If you’ve ever thought you could use more “you” time, you are already in a dancing mindset.


How Do You Measure Progress?

Dancing doesn’t have to be competitive unless you want it to be. So, how do you measure your progress?


We believe that when you move from being self-conscious to having fun, that’s progress. After that point, progress is made every time you feel a positive response to dancing. If you’ve mastered a step and you feel good about it, that’s progress!


Some teachers say that progress can be measured by what you focus on while dancing. A lot of beginning dancers focus so hard on the steps that they can’t think about anything else. After a few classes, it becomes easier to breathe properly while you dance, and with a few more, you gain the ability to chat with your teacher or your peers while you’re dancing. Being able to hold a conversation while moving your body is a mark of real progress and means you’re relaxed enough to enjoy dancing. After all, dancing is a social activity, and Dancessense is a social dance studio.


An Experience Unlike Any Other

A social dance studio is the perfect place to meet new people. Everyone’s there for the same reason: to dance! Regardless of your skill level, you will connect with your classmates and possibly even form lifelong bonds with them. There are very few places outside of the dance studio where you can take a personal journey, while making new friends, without being at a social event that’s centered on business and/or alcohol. There’s simply no comparison in the emotional fulfillment of going to a dance studio vs. going to a bar.


At Dancessense, we teach students of all ages, from toddlers to people in their 90s. One of the most common sentiments we hear from adults is, “I wish I had done this sooner.” Sooner is always better than later, but it’s never too late to dance! Trying a dance class is a decision you’ll never regret, because taking the initiative to learn something new is like giving a gift to yourself. You’ll leave the class feeling rejuvenated, full of endorphins, and confident in your new abilities.


Need a little more inspiration? The video below is sure to get you in a dancing mood. Also be sure to browse our San Diego dance classes to find your starting point!